Boxer DrivingPetz Back Home is a very caring professional pet re-locator specialising in transporting dogs, cats and other small pets between France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The company concentrates on personal pet care rather than profits. Every pet is treated as if it were our own family pet. We only carry up to a maximum of four pets per vehicle on each trip. That may be 2 dogs and 2 cats – 3 dogs and 1 cat etc. etc. This allows our drivers/pet carers plenty of time to give every pet the care and individual attention it needs and requires whilst away from their owners.

MurphyDog WalkOver the years our company has relocated many hundreds of dogs and cats. Because of the excellent service they received we have many loyal customers coming back to us time after time to transport their beloved pets again.

Our company also transports animals to the UK for pet charities in Spain who specialise in re-homing abandoned dogs and cats. All of our drivers become goods friends with the pets by the time they get them home to their final destination.



MomoDuring the journey all dogs are all given good long walks first thing in the morning and last thing at night and at least every 3 hours throughout the day. They also have fresh water with them at all times during the journey.

There is also enough room in all the pet cages to accommodate their favourite bed and toys at all times, just to try to remind them of home.


Cat CageFor their safety cats are kept in large dog cages throughout the whole journey with enough room for a favourite familiar bed, food, water and a clean litter tray at all times.

With such large dog cages there is also room for the cats to walk around should they want to.

They will be completely safe, comfortable and secure at all times but may get a little bored.

  • FeedingThe feeding times, amounts of food etc. for each pet is as per the customers instructions.
  • Any medicines or special food will be administered at the owners requested times.
  • It is advisable that the customers supplies enough of the pets regular food to last the whole journey.
  • This alleviates the chance of distressing upset tummies whilst on route.
Company Experience

Pet Passport The company is a fully experienced pet transporter and fully up to date with the current requirements of the Defra pet passport scheme.


DEFRA - Pet Travel Scheme The company has been issued with a ANIMAL HEALTH United Kingdom Animal Transporter Authorisation which allows us to transport pets by road and sea (including journeys over 8 hours).

Owners Travelling

Pet owners can travel with their pets free of charge in our petmobile (subject to availability) but they will have to cover their ferry crossing costs, cabin costs and any overnight hotel costs. If pet owners are travelling with their pets the driver will always stop at a Pet Friendly Hotel.

The company has specially adapted and ventilated vehicles called Pet Mobiles which allow us to carry pets during the hottest summer and in the coldest winter without causing the pets any discomfort and keeping them safe at all times.

There is also two rows of seats (½ van, ½ minibus) in the Pet Mobile so that if required the customer may travel with their pets in relative comfort.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Walking Dog at HotelIf pet owners decide to travel with us and accompany their pets on the Spanish route we sometimes need to make an overnight hotel stop. To make this as pleasant as possible for the owners and their pets we always try to use the same pet friendly hotels. Dogs and cats are always welcome in these hotel rooms.

These hotels are very clean and offer good food, good value for money and a friendly atmosphere. Costs are generally between 35€ – 65€ per room depending on the number of occupants and the time of year. Breakfast and dinner is always extra.

Dog on bedAfter a long days drive it is nice to stop for well deserved dinner and relax over a couple of drinks before retiring to bed for a good nights sleep. We usually leave the hotel all refreshed at about 9.00am the next morning after having a bit of breakfast or a coffee in the hotel café.

Here are the details of some of the hotels we use regularly. Because we use them so often we always get preferential room rates for our customers.

Hotel Tudanca


Inter Hotel



Hotel Lorentxo



The Riviera Hotel



Itinerary and Travel Routes

All pet transport journeys usually start from the pick-up point, where possible before 9.00am. The pet will be delivered to the destination point between 36 – 60 hours later depending on ferry times.

The company uses two main routes to go to and from Spain and the United Kingdom:

  1. Brittany Ferries Plymouth/Portsmouth to Santander service (Our preferred route through Spain)
  2. Various cross channel ferry routes (through France)

Also if requested by the customer we will use the Euro Tunnel but it does means extra mileage, a longer journey time and an increased cost to the customer.

The company will always use Brittany Ferries for cross channel ferry crossings or when travelling directly to/from Spain. Please see The Pont Aven details below to browse the ferry facilities and kennel arrangements.

The Pont Aven

Pont AvenThis nearly new Brittany Ferries £100 million ferry services the Plymouth/Portsmouth/Santander/Bilbao routes and it also services some of the other French routes we regularly use.

We want to make sure that you are comfortable and refreshed when arriving at your destination port and ready for the drive ahead to your new home. After the relaxing and entertaining time spent cruising on-board the Pont Aven you will feel refreshed and ready for any onward journey.

Plymouth to Santander in just 18 hours; With a crossing time virtually half that of any other direct ferry service to northern Spain, plus almost daily sailings throughout the year, the Pont Aven provides the ultimate in speed and convenience on this route. It also offers a greatly reduced crossing time of 4 1/2 hours when operating on some Plymouth to Roscoff day sailings.

Pet DeckKennelThis ship has a dedicated indoor kennel area for people travelling with their dogs it also has 2 dedicated dog walking decks with seats outside. There are large and small kennels available and a good indoor seating area for the owners or pet carers.

Our driver usually visits and walks the dogs 4 times during the day. If the owner accompanies their dogs they can visit as often as they like. The owner can visit at any time day or night during the crossing for walks around the deck or just to sit and spend time with it, may be even passing the time chatting with a few other pet owners.

BarStyle and comfort Décor throughout the Pont Aven reflects the style made famous by the distinguished French school of art bearing the same name.


Entertainment Includes:
  • Two cinemas
  • 3 bars with live music, piano bar, cabaret or dancing
  • Special leisure area for young people
  • Stylish shopping for all the luxury, drink and tobacco purchases.
  • Magnificent swimming pool and leisure area
  • Choice of a snack bar a self service cafeteria or even a fine cuisine restaurant.

RestaurantHave a nice easy day after boarding the ship, followed by a good meal in the self service café or a meal to remember in the ships high class restaurant. Then try a few drinks and a dance to the resident band in the main bar or spend a relaxing evening in the piano bar before retiring to bed in one the many top class cabins. Wake up bright and early in time to eat a nice breakfast just before your arrival.

As with everything else on board, cabin accommodation is also of the very highest level. All cabins are air-conditioned and have full en suite facilities, but there’s much more than this. Four classes of cabin are available:

  • Standard
  • Club Class
  • De Luxe
  • Commodore.

All apart from standard cabins are provided with a flat screen TV and comfortable seating. The luxurious commodore cabins feature wide patio doors that offer panoramic views and lead directly onto your own private balcony.

If you would like to accompany your pets, travel with your car or be chauffeur driven to your destination let us know the details and we will make the necessary ferry booking arrangements for you.
One to One Travel

Should the cost not be so important to the customer then at an increased price the company also offers a special one to one fully accompanied service in one of our fully air conditioned estate cars.

The owner/s and their pet can then travel independently with their pet in comfort and complete safety.

This is a much speedier door to door service and would only suit small and medium sized dogs and cats with up to two passengers.

Price Enquiry Form To find out more about our prices, availability or how to place an order with our company please complete the enquiry form or call us on the numbers below.